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100% Made in Italy and fashion ethically sustainable

Craftsmanship and know-how , tradition and research, past and future. These are the fundamentals that magically intertwine in the style that characterizes the Maglificio GP, where each item is something of precious and unparalleled. A style that has conquered the big brands of fashion, but also intrigue the emerging fashion designer. The factory based in Valmorea with her unmistakable charm, from three ten is in the wise hands of the sisters Anna and Sissi, the third generation of the Pugnetti family, in 2016 the factory reached the 70° anniversary.

70 years of experience in the branch, an archive with more than 5 thousand sketches, 1.500 thematic books from worldwide, and hundreds of machining point and solutions, are to all effects an added value. “Sometimes the clients know what they want, but other times is our style department helps them to shape their fantasies.” The result is a factory that achieved extraordinary results with the oldest handlooms, that still operating in all respects, both with the technological ones of the latest generation.

Tailor’s shop/ Dressmaker

Our factory produces high fashion garments for famous brands and also produces their drafts or thoughts, unique items of their kind.


Our factory aims to use quality to shape it and create unique garments. Soft and durable.


We use soft cashmere, wool warm, shining ecc fresh cotton, linen and viscose … yarn of the highest quality

Our factory is from 70 years at the service of famous and emerging fashion designers  from big “Fashion House” to “Private Lables”.